About Us

About Us

We devote world-class resources to develop a nimble and customized Government Relations strategy for your company. Dedicated focus, expertise, collaborative partnerships, and a diligent value creation program is what Concierge TransAtlantic is all about.
Concierge TransAtlantic, where a client centered approach to Government Relations is the only thing we do.

What We Do

We offer Government Relations for companies requiring consulting or increased collaboration with Municipal, Provincial, or Federal Governments, politicians and agencies. We work with them to utilize Governments to ultimately increase their profitability and efficiency.

We collaborate as advocates to assist in areas including, but not limited to:
• Accessing and Securing Government Funding
• Influencing Legislation and Government Policies
• Developing New Markets


“Business development activities may be constrained by a lack of real access to government and its stakeholders.”

- Concierge TransAtlantic -